Cleaning and Caring for A Goose Down Duvet.

Care After Purchasing

After you buy a goose down duvet when you get it home you should unpack it carefully. Shaking the duvet a few minutes vigorously allows the down to loft of fluff up. It also improves the insulation and warmth of the quilt. This process will occur within 24 hours and your body heat will add to this process. When you do this you should remove the duvet cover. A duvet cover is important to protect your goose down comforter from daily wear and tear. It should be washed and changed periodically too.

Your goose down duvet should be aired out with the window open or outside hanging on a line or quilt rack. It should be dry and sunny for best results. Airing out naturally leaves it smelling fresh and new so you enjoy using it when sleeping. It provides great warmth in winter on those cold winter nights.

Cleaning Your Goose Down Duvet

When the goose down duvet becomes very soiled it should be dry cleaned. Small spots can be removed using a cleaning solution like Woolite or Zero with water. You should mix the product with a small amount of water. Shift the down away from soiled spots using a soft sponge or cloth gently rub the spot. Rinse using a small amount of warm water and squeeze excess moisture with your hands. This can be dried by hanging on a quilt rack or with a hair dryer on low. Most goose down comforters can be washed every five to 10 years.

Washing A Goose Down Duvet

When washing you should have a large front load washer. It should be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle using a non detergent soap like Woolite. You should let the basin fill up with cold water and add the soap before putting in the goose down duvet. The duvet cover should be removed. When you put it in lay it out evenly and let the cycle complete. After that rinse it a second time in cold water to remove any soap.

Drying the Goose Down Duvet Comforter After Washing

This is a important and time consuming process. Place the down comforter in your dryer at lowest possible setting. Heat will shrink the down comfort so the setting must be cool. Take it out of the dryer often and shake it. Do not let it bunch add white towels to the dyer if it bunches. It needs to be shaken often every 15 minutes of drying. You can remove it from the dryer and finish air drying. Remember it must be completely dry or it will get mold and mildew. When dry put on the duvet cover and place back on the bed.
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