Building A Garden Studio/Office For Your Home

After years of paying rent for office space in the city, I decided constructing a home garden office would be a better investment of money and offer a much nicer environment in which to spend my work day. I reasoned that if I spent even a fraction of on constructing a home garden studio as I had on rent, I would be adding considerable value to my home, and save a bundle in the long run.

Searching For Garden Building Kits

I first looked online for do-it-yourself plans, and though I found several very nice designs, I decided that taking something on from scratch, sourcing all the materials, and cutting all the components to size, was a bit more than I wanted to take one. So I started researching kits that could be purchased in a ready to assemble state. I chose a kit from Tunstall Garden Buildings. The kit I chose was a 14ft x 10 ft cedar sided studio. It came standard with four windows, and I purchased the optional insulation kit since I intended to use it year round. It was delivered to my door two weeks later as a flat series of pallets.

Constructing My Garden Studio

I had a contractor friend of mine fabricate the concrete foundation, but all the rest of the assembly I did myself with the aid of the details instructions accompanying the kit. I took several weeks assembling the studio, mostly during my spare time. But I suspect if I wanted to make a go of it, I could have completed it in little more than a week.

The building walls comprised 70mm x 45mm tanalised framing clad and the flooring was 16mm tanalised tongue and groove over tanalised joists. The roof was constructed from 9mm OSB board covered with Onduline sheeting and supported by 70mm x 45mm purlins. The wall and ceiling heights were very generous. I chose the 10ft gable option which provided a ridge height of 8.3 ft. All in all a very sturdy structure.

The standard options which I purchased included a nice pair of Georgian doors, 1.12m and 1.78m, and four top hung 6-pane Georgian style windows measuring 1.5m high, and 0.m wide. Options were available for double glazed windows, as well as 8 or 12 pane windows. Though not part of the kit, I had an electrician add a consumer box in my garage to provide power to sockets and lights, and ran telephone wire for my broadband.

I figure when it was all done I spent just under £ 4,000 for my 140 sqft of cozy office space. I’m sure the value it has added to my home is at least double that since I provided the labor myself.

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