Enhance Your Garden With A Beautiful Decking Area

Garden decking are featured in many properties around the UK. It allows homeowners to transform their garden and make better use of space. Often it is used to overcome obstacles that would otherwise make accessibility in the garden really tricky. If you are considering garden decking, here is some important information to bear in mind.

Decking are available in a few common types. Each has its set of pros and cons like you would expect.

Wooden Decking

The most common are wood decking in which hardwood or softwood is used to create an exterior floor. Only a few selected species of wood can withstand the weather and these are IPE, Teak, Iroko and a few other selected species. By far the biggest attraction in fitting hardwood lies in its natural looks and durability. On the other hand, it does require up keeping for preserving the wood. Hardwood decking tends to be a lot more expensive than other soft woods, meaning depending on your budget and the size of your decking area it may become a very expensive home improvement project.

Wooden decking also requires regular maintenance in order to keep it in top top condition. Yearly or Bi-Yearly treatment such as wood stain or decking paint is essential to protect it from the weather and prevent the wood from rotting, if this occurs you will need to replace your wooden decking boards.

Composite Decking

An alternative is composite, a board which is made of some wood and plastic. By far its biggest attraction is its durability, however it does look somewhat artificial.

Composite decking boards are also far more expensive than their wooden counterparts, however in the long run they may prove a much more attractive option as their maintenance is more or less non-existent, they don’t rot, they don’t fade in the sunlight meaning there is no need to continually repaint and treat the deck boards each year. You should still keep your composite decking clean to prevent the build up of algae and lichens, the easiest way it to pressure wash your decking in this case.

Alternatives to Garden Decking

In some cases, decking boards may prove incompatible with your garden for a whole host of reasons or even due to budget constrains. In such case, alternatives to decking should be considered. These include:

Gravel – While the material is super cheap, it is not the most attractive and certainly, not the most pleasant to walk on.

Tiles & Slabs – In warm counties tiles are often used, however in cold weather tiles are less pleasant to walk on and in wet weather they quickly become a hazard.

Concrete – By far the most cost effective decking alternative, this basic outdoor flooring cover is also the easiest to up keeping. It really has no up keeping requirements. It may look odd in some gardens in that it looks very man-made.

Decking Cleaning

Be it wood or composite decking, the boards require a good clean at least twice a year. The process will ensure that the surface is not slippery and protect the structure from expedited wear and tear. First start by removing any furniture to expose the entire floor. Using a jet-wash of less than 150psi of pressure, hose the boards twice giving them a chance to dry in between. Finally use a dedicated cleaning agent made specifically for your type of deck ensuring you pay attention to the type of board eg… hardwood, softwood and composite.
Enjoy your garden decking. It is truly a wonderful outdoor structure that can completely uplift the look of your private sanctuary.
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