Furnishing Your Garden, Things To Consider

When it comes to designing your garden, there is a wealth of ideas to pick and choose from. Outdoor furnishings are as plentiful in supply as their indoor equivalents, meaning there is an increased flexibility to instigate both traditional and creative design ideas. As a basic guide, here are some simple ideas you can use to furnish your garden.

Patio or Decking

Laying a solid platform in the garden provides the foundation for additional garden furnishings such as barbeque grills or table sets. Installing patios or a wooden decking surface will provide all year use and also give off a stylish appearance. They are often employed in the area directly next to the house as an intermediate between inside and outside. If you are looking for location to sit outside during the summer, have a barbecue or even laying down to read a book on a lazy weekend afternoon than wooden decking can provide the perfect setting.

Wooden decks and patio’s can be built with either pressure treated pine timbers or they may be constructed using hardwood flooring material. Either option can be treated with a preservative to protect from the elements. In order for both options to work, you will need to have the ground prepared properly and also provide drainage beneath them.

Composite decking has also become increasingly popular as a material due to its strength and low maintenance.

Garden Dining Sets

When the weather is suitable enough, garden furniture sets offer the perfect way for family and friends to dine outside. Consisting of a table and matching chairs, along with a parasol as protection against the elements, there are numerous types of garden dining sets to complement an existing patio design or your personal taste.

Garden tables come in a range of different sizes from 2 seaters all the way through to huge 12 seaters plus… As well as being fully weatherproof, they are available in a variety of different styles and colours to complement your existing garden.

If you do not have the space for a full dining table then there is an alternative… Picnic tables easily fold flat when not in use and can be tucked away out of sight or alternatively stored at the back of the shed.

Outdoor Lighting

When natural sunlight fades, using outdoor lighting systems are the best way to both provide visibility and also set the desired mood for the occasion. From traditional wall lights and table lamps to pathway bulbs or solar powered lights, the options you have for the garden are plentiful. Different kinds of bulb and lamp shades can be used and along with how they are positioned, can provide the perfect ambience and mood for outdoor living.

Garden Heating

In the UK even in the summertime the outdoor temperature can drop quite cold, especially in the evening after the sun goes down. To combat this, many UK homeowners invest in some sort of garden heater, these are most commonly in the form of a fire pit or chimenea but gas powered patio heaters are a great choice however they tend to be more expensive, coupled with the need to continually refill their gas bottles. There are also electric powered garden heaters but these aren’t particularly economical, your electric bill may sky rocket!

Lounging Areas

If you’re looking for somewhere to generally just chill out and relax, then there is no better place than the garden when the conditions are right. You may have a favoured position for sunbathing or reading, so as to best catch the sun or away from a neighbour’s prying eyes, which can be utilised in a more comfortable manner. Think of specialised rocking sofas along with simple beanbags or hammocks that allow you to sit back and unwind in comfort. Sun loungers are also an extremely popular choice for garden furniture and have been commonplace for many years.
Your garden is an escape, but an important part of your home. Make it as comfortable and welcoming as you would your lounge or front door. Have somewhere comfy to disappear to when relaxing, or a great space you can entertain family & friends.
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