5 Main Causes of Water Leaks in The Home

Water leaks within your property can be difficult to identify and fix the cause or the leak, they can also cause a lot of damage to your house if not quickly rectified. Here are 5 main areas you should look for if you suspect a water leak in your home.

1. Leaky Roof

A leaking roof can cause considerable water damage throughout the home. Not only does the height of the roof make it difficult for an ordinary homeowner to locate the source of the leak, but finding a fix can also be a problem.

The most obvious source of a leak on a standard roof is from missing or cracked tiles. However with the popularity of flat roofs, weaknesses in joints and corners are also a major issue.

While sometimes it is worse when there is no leak at all. Dampness on ceilings or walls caused by condensation can make it look like the roof is leaking when the problem is actually internal. Usually the only answer for a roof leak is to contact a reliable roof specialist who should be able to find a solution.

2. Showers

Leaks from a shower can cause considerable damage, not only in the bathroom but also to the floors below. The most common cause of a leak in the shower is the sealant that has been used to close up the gap within the enclosure. If sealant has not been left to dry properly or old sealant has started to decay then the leaks can start.

Before contacting a plumber it can be cost effective to replace the sealant around the shower to see if this solves the problem. However, ensure all old sealant is completely removed and the area is clean and dry before applying more product.

3. Taps

Though you may not consider a slow dripping tap a water leak, the damage it can do over the long term can be considerable. A small drip can encourage the build up of limescale both on the tap itself and the pipe below, but the threat of the problem worsening increases every day.

The main reason for a dripping tap is deterioration of the washer within it. Replacing them can be a very simple task, but if you feel ill-equipped to carry out such an undertaking, a professional plumber will always be able to help.

4. Toilets

The toilet is a common cause of water leaks in the home but many go unnoticed until severe damage has already occurred. Many toilet leaks can be discovered by the hissing sound which usually indicates a small amount of water is constantly being replaced in the cistern.

If this is the case, ensure your cistern water level is no less than 1 inch below the overflow pipe. If water is leaking check the refill valve and float for obvious signs of a damage and consider a quick replacement exercise which could resolve the problem.

5. Bath & Sinks

One of the most common areas where water can leak is your bath tub or sink. These leaks are usually very difficult to detect as the pipe work is usually enclosed behind bath panels or sink units.

If your sink or bath was poorly installed it may have been leaking for a long time, even a slight dip can build up over time damaging the surrounding areas.

The most common way to spot a leaking bath or sink is on the ceiling in the rooms below the bathroom. “water marks” will appear on the ceiling, a yellow/brown stain showing through the painted surface.

Undetected water leaks in the home can cause a lot of expensive damage to your property. Catching these leaks early is essential in preventing major repair works further down the line.

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